How to choose the right face mask

Korea is in danger! Japan is in danger! Iran is in danger! Italia, Netherlands….The price of face mask is even more than one hundred dollars. Many Company idle their plants, do you feel the face mask is more precious? Then, do you really choose the right face mask? Do you wear it rightly? Let’s have a look, don’t make the invaluable face mask be the virus’s accomplices.

        Firstly, we talk about choosing the face mask. At present, it can be proved that the main routes of transmission of COVID-19 are respiratory droplets and contact transmission. Faced with this situation, we should give priority to the medical face mask when choosing the face mask. At present, there are three common types: disposable medical face mask, medical surgical face mask, medical respirator face mask.           


We see from the above two forms, the medical respirator face mask is suitable for the medical care personnel, the surgical face mask is used in the assembly occupancies, the disposable medical face mask is only used in common life occasions. At present, China is the world’s largest production base of face mask, production accounts for about 50% of the world, Chinese face masks are used all over the world, so we should know the standard of the Chinese face mask and the range of the application. We have known the difference of different kinds of face masks, then we see which face mask we should wear on all kinds of life occasions.



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