The face mask standard of different country

When we are purchasing the face mask, we must identify the standard number for getting the authorized face mask. Every country has own face mask standard, their difference of the standard is the filtration efficiency and raw material, for example Chinese KN95, American N95, European EN149 or FFP2(3), Japanese DS2,etc.

AChinese Face Mask Standard

      There are three protection levels of face mask standard in China: 90/95/100. there are two categories: KN and KP.

  •  KN: be suitable for filtering non oily particles about the face mask
  •  KP: be suitable for filtering oily particles and non oily particle about the face mask

*  GB 2626-2006: classify the protection face mask of the particle  

ClassficationFiltration Efficiency≥90%Filtration Efficiency≥95%Filtration Efficiency≥99.97%


    The GB2626-2006 face mask can isolate the particles, such as the dust, smog. microorganism. The personals working in the affected area or going into the 

affected area, must wear the face mask which filtration efficiency is more than 95%.

Which standard is same with the Chinese KN95? The American standard N95 face mask, the European standard EN149 or FFP2(3), the Japanese standard DS2, etc.

BThe American Face Mask Standard

    The N95 face mask is based with the American standard, it classify the medical face mask to the three categories, nine types.

  •  N: non oily particles, such as coal dust ,cement dust, etc
  •  R/P:oily particles, such as cooking fume, coke oven smoke, etc

    The face mask which passes the NIOSH examination can be N95 face mask. The face mask which category is N95 or higher can isolate the bacteria and virus 

well, its filtration efficiency is same as KN95.

C、The European Face Mask Standard

    There is a big difference between the European standard and the American standard, the Chinese standard. The European face mask standard is 

EN149:2001+A1, there are three levels: FFP1,FFP2 and FFP3, their filtration efficiency are 80%,94% and 99% respectively.

* FFP1 : Filtering Face piece, can meet the European standard EN149, but it can not achieve FFP2 level.

ClassficationFiltration Efficiency

    The European standard does not distinguish the oily particles and non oily ones, the face mask with the European standard can filter oily particles and non oily 

ones at the same time, but there are different product models at the same protection level. The filtration efficiency of FFP2 is almost the same as the American 

N95, the Chinese KN95. When purchasing the face mask, it is better to choose FFP2 level or above.   

DThe Japanese Face Mask Standard

    The Japanese face mask DS2 is the same as the Chinese KN95 and American N95. ウィルスカット99%(virus interception efficiency) is printed on the packing, 

it means that it is better than N95 and KN95 medical face mask.

*PFE logo is used on the Japanese face mask

PFE0.1µm particle filtration efficiency
BFEBacteria filtration efficiency
VFEVirus filtration efficiency

    The Japanese face mask which meet 99% droplet interception standard are sold in the drug store, please make sure the PFE filtration efficiency is 99% when purchasing it. 

    The face mask is the Japanese necessities, BMC and skater which are put in the drug store are PM2.5 face mask, they can isolate effectively 99% virus, bacteria, droplet, pollen and PM2.5 particulates.

All in a word

      the Chinese KN95=the American N95=the European FFP2=the Japanese DS2

    Only when wearing the face mask correctly, it can play a protective role. During the epidemic time, please choose the right face mask for your family and yourself health.


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