Healthy Oxygen Therapy

In recent years, the incidence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in my country has continued to rise. With the increase in the number of patients, some medical treatment instruments and household health care equipment have also entered people’s lives. Oxygen concentrators are one of them.

Oxygen inhalation is one more effective way to correct hypoxia. It not only increases the level of arterial blood oxygen partial pressure and oxygen saturation, promotes metabolism, but is also one of the important methods to assist in the treatment of many diseases. The emergence of home oxygen concentrators has made oxygen inhalation more convenient. Although the home oxygen concentrator is well known by many people, many people still have some doubts about the cognition of oxygen inhalation, and even step into the misunderstanding of oxygen inhalation.

Rumor 1: Is it addictive to oxygen? 

Oxygen is a necessary condition for human survival. Medical science not only confirms that the body is not addicted to oxygen, but also that the body is not resistant to oxygen. Proper oxygen supplementation can increase the oxygen content of arterial blood, adjust the physiological state of the body, improve the hypoxic condition of the body, restore and promote the virtuous cycle of the metabolic process, without changing the body’s natural physiological state and biochemical environment, nor does it change the central nervous system. The biochemical and physiological state of the drug is not dependent on some drugs.

Rumor 2: Is it easy to be poisoned by oxygen inhalation?

Oxygen poisoning has become a “blocker” for many people on the way to oxygen inhalation. In fact, oxygen poisoning requires specific restrictive conditions, which are not common in daily oxygen inhalation. What is oxygen poisoning: Oxygen poisoning is a toxic disease in which the human body inhales too much oxygen, which causes a series of physiological dysfunction, damage to organ function, and even death. Under what circumstances are prone to oxygen poisoning? The occurrence of oxygen poisoning depends on the partial pressure of oxygen (PiO2) rather than the purity of inhaled oxygen (FiO2). Because we usually use the oxygen inhalation tube method, the patient inhales a mixture of oxygen and air, and the oxygen purity generally does not exceed 40%~50% (oxygen partial pressure is less than 60kPa), so in this case, even if it is long time to inhale oxygen, there will be no poisoning.

Rumor 3: Which is better, oxygen purity 30% or 90%?

Some patients often ask, “The doctor says that the oxygen purity can’t exceed 30%, but the oxygen purity standard for the oxygen concentrator is above 90%? How should I choose?” The oxygen purity mentioned by the doctor generally refers to the inhaled oxygen purity (FiO2), and the oxygen purity marked by the oxygen concentrator is the oxygen concentration of the oxygen concentrator.[National regulations, the oxygen purity of the oxygen concentrator should be greater than 90%  within the rated flow range when leaving the factory]. In other words, when the doctor said that the oxygen purity is about 30%, you need to choose a regular oxygen concentrator and adjust the flow to about 2.5L to achieve health care and effective results.

[Specific inhaled oxygen purity, please adjust according to doctor’s advice]

Rumor 4: Oxygen is too troublesome? 

At present, oxygen inhalation equipment has provided patients with greater convenience for oxygen inhalation. Especially for a household oxygen concentrator, simply connect it, turn on the switch, and wear the oxygen tube. And there is no limit to the place of use, the home office can be used, sitting or lying down, it does not affect study and life at all.

In fact, oxygen inhalation is not terrible. If want to change the mentality of everyone facing the problem of “oxygen inhalation”, you still need to increase the popularization of science so that more people can understand and accept the concept of family oxygen therapy, and follow scientific medical advice for treatment.


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