Do I need the oxygen concentrator for improving the hypoxia?


Oxygen is necessary for everyone’s survival. Only when the human body gets sufficient oxygen, nutrients can be oxidized and converted into energy to provide the needs for various tissues and organs of the human body. If the human body lacks oxygen, it will affect the metabolic function of the body.
Oxygen health experts have pointed out that if our human body lacks oxygen, it will cause aging and various chronic diseases. So the prerequisite for maintaining good health is to ensure sufficient oxygen in our body without hypoxia! So how to replenish oxygen in the body?

1. Use an oxygen concentrator for daily oxygen therapy.2. Drink water with high dissolved oxygen.3. Eat more oxygen replenishing food.

Oxygen therapy and oxygen healthcare are the use of oxygen to improve the physiological internal environment of the human body and promote a virtuous cycle of metabolism to achieve the purpose of curing diseases, alleviating symptoms, promoting recovery, and improving health. Generally speaking, it is used to correct hypoxia caused by disease, as an auxiliary treatment for the disease, which is called oxygen therapy; it is used for severely ill patients and accident victims, etc., which is called oxygen emergency; It is used to supplement excessive manual labor, the elderly, pregnant women and patients in the recovery period of chronic diseases, due to increased oxygen demand and poor oxygen utilization, and to supplement insufficient environmental oxygen supply to prevent hypoxia, which is called oxygen health care.

Can hypoxia be improved with an oxygen concentrator? Some patients said that they had symptoms of cerebral hypoxia since childhood, mainly manifested in the usual dizziness, head swelling, light head-heavy, light-headed feet, vertigo, etc.; and the onset of the disease becomes more and more frequent with age.

Why does cerebral hypoxia occur? There are mainly the following reasons:1. Indoor air circulation in oxygen concentration below normal levels.2. Irregular life schedule, long-term lack of sleep.3. Lack of exercise and slow blood flow can lead to the buildup of impurities in blood vessels, which can lead to high blood pressure sometimes. So how to solve the symptoms of cerebral hypoxia? Solutions to brain hypoxia include:

1. Do more aerobic exercises, such as jogging, walking, swimming, skating, fitness dance, cycling, aerobics, yoga, etc. Because aerobic exercise is characterized by low intensity, strong rhythm, and good continuity, it helps to increase oxygen intake, consume excess calories in the body, and make blood flow more smoothly;

2. Use a household oxygen concentrator to inhale oxygen and do oxygen therapy;

3. Patients with chronic hypoxia need long-term conditioning to slowly get rid of the state of hypoxia. It is recommended that food supplements and low-intensity exercise go hand in hand to ensure adequate sleep time;

4. Do extra conscious meditation, which is helpful for people who are deprived of oxygen due to mental work.


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