How to choose oxygen concentrators for COPD patients?

Long-term oxygen therapy requires 5L or higher flow oxygen concentrator

The classification of oxygen concentrators is based on the maximum oxygen output per minute when the oxygen purity reaches 90% or more. Usually there are 1L, 3 L, 5 L and high flow oxygen concentrators.

1L oxygen concentrator: About the COPD patients, we don’t recommend 1L/min oxygen concentrator, because although it can be adjusted 5L/min, but the oxygen purity is only 38%, which has no therapeutic effect on patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

3L oxygen concentrator: Only when the flow rate is adjusted to 3L or below, it can produce oxygen with purity more than 90% and it can work continuously. If you continue to work for more than 6 hours a day, the oxygen output or performance of the machine may be affected, and it cannot meet the long-term oxygen therapy needs of patients with COPD!

5L oxygen concentrator: The maximum flow of the oxygen generator can reach 5L/min, and the oxygen concentration can reach more than 90% under any flow, which meets the medical-grade oxygen standard. If the oxygen purity cannot be reached 90% or more, or the flow rate cannot be 5L/min, it cannot be called 5L oxygen concentrator. For COPD patients who need to inhale oxygen for a long time every day, it is also necessary to choose a high-quality 5L oxygen concentrator with stable performance that can be turned on continuously for 24 hours. If the quality of the machine is not good enough, the oxygen purity cannot be reached the standard, it will often directly delay the treatment of the patient and even endanger life.

10L oxygen concentrator: The maximum flow rate of the oxygen concentrator can reach 10L/min, and the oxygen purity can reach more than 90% at any flow rate, which can meet the needs of severely ill patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or respiratory failure.

Judging from the medical research results of long-term home oxygen therapy using oxygen concentrators in the treatment of COPD in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, there are no 1L or 3L oxygen concentrators, and only 5L or higher flow(8L, 10L) in the North American and European markets. and only 5L or higher flow oxygen concentrators can really help the rehabilitation of patients with COPD.

With accurate oxygen purity monitoring function

According to the requirements of the National Food and Drug Administration for oxygen concentrators, the concentration of the oxygen concentrator needs to be maintained at more than 90% throughout the year, and the oxygen concentrator must have a precise oxygen purity monitoring function to warn when the oxygen concentration is abnormal. Therefore, the oxygen concentration sensing components inside the oxygen concentrator need very high requirements. Our Rokon oxygen concentrator has an accurate oxygen concentration detection sensor.

Unchangeable cumulative timer function

Choose an oxygen concentrator with an unchangeable cumulative timing function to provide objective and accurate data for long-term maintenance and service in the future. The service life of the oxygen concentrator must be guaranteed for tens of thousands of hours or more.

It’s not just a small size; it needs a moderate size and optimized structure to dissipate heat well and run continuously for 24 hours.

Taking into account the long use time, it is recommended to choose an oxygen concentrator with a moderate size, optimized internal structure and ideal heat dissipation space. Only by comprehensively improving the heat dissipation performance, the oxygen purity can be stable. Many manufacturers only pursue oxygen concentrators with small size, but at the expense of silencer components and noise effects. Also the small size of the structure also causes the machine to overheat after continuous startup, which affects the use experience and stable performance. After all, the operating environment of the oxygen concentrator is limited to indoors. It is impossible for users to carry an oxygen concentrator to go out. If there is a need for oxygen outdoor, they will use a portable cylinder or portable oxygen concentrator. Rokon oxygen concentrator adopts copper tube aluminum fin and special fan heat dissipation system and integrated technology to achieve continuous 24 hours operation.

Not just light weight, but high performance

Some suppliers blindly pursue oxygen concentrator with light weight, which means sacrificing key components used internally, such as molecular sieves and compressors. Therefore, the core components of a good oxygen concentrator will be made of real materials and precision workmanship to ensure stable overall performance.

Micron bacteria filtration system

Patients with lung diseases often have symptoms of respiratory tract sensitivity. If the oxygen produced by the oxygen concentrator does not meet the medical cleanliness standard, it may cause secondary irritation and injury to the patient’s respiratory system. Therefore, the oxygen concentrator selected by patients with COPD must have a multi-stage filtration system and a micron-level bacterial filter. Rokon oxygen concentrator not only uses micron-level bacterial filters, but also in order to avoid secondary pollution to the user and the user’s home environment. Rokon brand molecular sieve oxygen concentrators insist on using environmentally friendly and medical-grade raw materials for production and ensure that the machine is used for 24 hours.

A good after-sales service

(Very important!!!)

Many users of oxygen concentrators are elderly, and even some patients have inconvenient mobility and are not familiar with the operation of oxygen concentrators. Therefore, the oxygen concentrator manufacturer need to have perfect after-sales service capabilities to ensure that any problems after the purchase can be quickly responded and solved, and you can buy and use it with confidence.

Rokon oxygen concentrator——Professional in Quality, Focus on Respirator!


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