6 Ways an Oxygen Concentrator Can Improve Your Life

CPAP therapy has long been considered the leading treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and several other respiratory issues. But some patients require an even greater level of therapy for their health condition. A standard or portable oxygen concentrator is one solution that is prescribed for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and OSA quite regularly. If you’ve never used an oxygen concentrator before and your doctor feels it is the right device for you, consider these important ways it can improve your life.

man using oxygen concentrator

1. An oxygen concentrator will help you feel better.

With many respiratory-related diseases going undiagnosed and untreated these days, individuals are simply not living as well as they could – but an oxygen concentrator can help. Using supplemental oxygen at least 15 hours per day (you can increase that to 24 hours with today’s portable models) can help you stay more active, exercise longer, and reduce respiratory-related issues.

2. You’ll get quality sleep.

Poor sleep is a common indicator of COPD or Sleep Apnea. Oxygen levels tend to drop vastly during periods of sleep — even in healthy individuals — which makes getting a good night of sleep that much tougher for those with respiratory concerns. An oxygen concentrator, sometimes used in conjunction with a CPAP device, can help you get better, more restful sleep.

3. Mood is often enhanced.

One tangible benefit to receiving oxygen therapy is enhanced mood. Those receiving oxygen sleep more soundly. They can also demonstrate better performance in their daily lives, a more positive outlook on life, better memory and cognition, and even a lift to their self-esteem.

4. You’ll have greater stamina when exercising.

Working out, whether that means going to the gym, walking around the neighborhood, or anywhere in between, is often difficult for those with respiratory concerns. An oxygen concentrator can help you work out harder and longer, enhancing the already considerable health benefits of regular exercise.

5. You’ll be more alert.

If you constantly wake up feeling like you’re in a fog or you’re walking through life in a haze, you may not be getting enough oxygen throughout the night or even during the day. Using an oxygen concentrator can make you more alert, more responsive, and better able to react quickly to the demands of the day.

6. You’ll minimize your risk of hypoxemia.

Hypoxemia is a lack of oxygen in the blood. This condition is characterized by shortness of breath, asthmatic-type symptoms, and even a slight bluish tinge to the skin. While the condition can lead to serious health issues, consistent use of an oxygen concentrator can minimize these frustrating and dangerous side effects.

Of course, every person is unique and the individual benefits of using an oxygen concentrator will manifest in a variety of ways, but maintaining oxygen levels is a crucial part of overall boosting one’s overall sense of health and wellness.


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