What is the atomization function of oxygen concentrator?

Many people always hesitate when buying an oxygen concentrator.  Whether need the atomization or not? What is it? How to use it? Today, here in detail to introduce the oxygen machine nebulization function. First, let’s explore what is the nebulization function?
In fact, nebulization is a kind of treatment method in medicine. It uses a nebulization device to disperse drugs or solutions into tiny droplets, which are suspended in the air and sucked into the respiratory tract and lungs to clean the airways. It can be used for local treatment to relieve spasms, reduce inflammation, expectorant and relieve cough, which has the characteristics of small side effects and good therapeutic effect, mainly for asthma, cough, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases caused by bronchitis. The oxygen concentrator with nebulization function has an atomizing device, which is connected to the atomizing air source port. While inhaling oxygen, inhale the atomized liquid medicine into the lungs at the same time. The nebulization flow pressure of the Rokon oxygen concentrator can be adjusted according to the different demands. The output pressure of the compressed air at the outlet of the nebulization gas source is ≥0.08Mpa, the compressed air flow rate is 10LPM. As general respiratory diseases patients often require atomized administration, at the same time, patients with respiratory diseases are prone to get poor breathing, narrow respiratory tract, deformation, etc, leading to symptoms of hypoxia. Therefore, when using the oxygen concentrator to inhale oxygen, we also inhale the liquid medicine. That’s great to kill two birds with one stone. Which patients need an oxygen concentrator with nebulization function? Which kind of disease needs an oxygen concentrator with nebulization function? Are the people with oxygen therapy suitable for nebulization or not? This is the reason why the nebulization function is considered when purchasing an oxygen concentrator.

Let’s give a brief introduction.

1. Acute and chronic asthma and bronchitis require nebulization treatment. The nebulization treatment of oxygen concentrator can deliver the medicine directly into the airway, improve the local anti-inflammatory effect, with less dosage, and go right to the spot. The treatment effect is obvious. It has a good effect on the treatment of bronchiectasis, bronchospasm, bronchial asthma, pulmonary purulent infection, lung abscess, emphysema, and pulmonary heart disease complicated infections. It’s suitable for long-term prevention and treatment, nebulized inhalation to moisturize the airways and add appropriate antibacterial drugs to prevent and control lung infections.

2. Children with asthma and colds need nebulization treatment. In European and American countries, nebulization is a topical medication, intravenous and oral drugs are administered systemically. In particular, nebulization is the first choice for infant asthma. The traditional treatment for Children/infant asthma is systemic administration. Long-term treatment can cause damage such as osteoporosis and hyperglycemia, and inhibit the growth and development of children. But atomized inhalation can avoid these problems.The side effects are smaller and have no effect on baby’s growth. The application of nebulization therapy has been very common.

3. Use of beauty spray, nourishing, skin moisturizing, etc. When the facial skin is dry, acne, chloasma, acne, facial recurrent dermatitis, sun rash, impetigo, moisturizing skin ect, you can use milk whitening, aloe vera juice, vegetable juice, fruit juice and other natural symptoms Moisturize, make the skin glow fresh and beautiful! At the same time, oxygen inhalation also has a good effect on beauty.

With the continuous improvement of related products in the field of health appliances, the functions of household oxygen concentrators are also constantly enriched. Taking the widely used Longfian oxygen concentrators on the market as an example, the effect of the atomization of the oxygen concentrator is very obvious. It can quickly atomize the liquid medicine into extremely fine particles, penetrate deep into the lesion, and be more easily absorbed by the body. At the same time, the oxygen concentrator with the nebulization function, which can continuously provide high concentration oxygen, provide continuous auxiliary treatment to the body, and inject healthy energy into life. 

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