ZY-1S (ZY-1SW) Oxygen Concentrator

ZY-1S(ZY-1SW) oxygen concentrator can be sustainable stable working with high oxygen purity. Atomization function, which can be moved to anywhere.

Price range:$115 – $480 , Stock: More than 1000 pieces

Additional information


ZY-1S / ZY-1SW(with atomization)

Oxygen Flow Rate range

can be adjusted 1L-7L/Min

Oxygen concentration

93% ±3%(0-1L/min)

Noise Level

less than 40dB

Outlet Pressure


Product Size


Package size




Rated Power


Power Supply

AC110/220V, 50/60Hz



Product Details

Rokon has continued its tradition of leading the industry in manufacturing oxygen products designed for portability, reliability, and ease of use.

This machine makes it even more possible now, to stay active and on the go while still getting the oxygen therapy you need. It has a maximum oxygen setting of 7,000 ml/minute on the setting of 7L/min. The lowest it provides is 1000 ml/min on the setting of 1L/min. The oxygen purity runs between 90% and 96% on the setting of 1L/min.

The ZY-1S(ZY-1SW) has undergone rigorous testing at its factory in Hefei, China. These stringent testing procedures have ensured that the ZY-1S(ZY-1SW) can withstand extreme vibrations, temperatures, and impacts. Its lightweight and compact design make it very durable and ideal for active users.

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