Daily Maintenance of Oxygen Concentrator

Many people with chronic lung disease (like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, aka COPD) may be candidates for supplemental oxygen therapy. A prescription for home oxygen has many benefits, like better mood, sleep, quality of life, and prolonged survival.

The centerpiece of home oxygen therapy is the stationary oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrators draw in air, compress it, and isolate oxygen for delivery through a nasal cannula, the tube placed over the nostrils. An oxygen concentrator is able to produce a never-ending supply of purified oxygen (90–95%) to meet the needs of individuals with chronic lung disease.

Even though most oxygen concentrators are sturdy, they still need to be cared for correctly. Regular cleaning and maintenance will go a long way to getting the best performance and prolonging its life. After all, an oxygen concentrator is an expensive investment in medical equipment.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to clean an oxygen concentrator and added tips to keep the oxygen flow healthy.

1. Clean the humidifier bottle regularly cleaning period: (5-7 days in summer, 7-10 days in winter)Cleaning method: soak vinegar or white vinegar in water for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.
2. Replace the water in humidifier bottle regularly replacement period: (1-2 days in summer, 3-5 days in winter)Water in humidifier bottle: distilled water, purified water;
3. Clean and replace the filters regularly
(1) Replacement period:7-10 days for the first filter;10-15 days for the second filter;

(2) Cleaning and Replacement method: take down the filter, then take out the filter cotton, replace the spare filter cotton, the replaced filter cotton can be cleaned with household detergent, kept dry, and store this replaced filter for use again. Do not install on the device just after cleaning.
4. Some accessories such as nasal oxygen cannula and nebulizer, which are in direct contact with the patient, should be cleaned and disinfected as needed. Do not use the same nasal cannula or nebulizer with multiple patients.
5. Keep the whole device dry, ventilated, and clean. The device can be wiped clean. It is prohibited to use any lubricating oil to wipe and clean the device.

 The above is the daily maintenance of the oxygen concentrator.


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